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The Himachal Pradesh Fire Fighting Services Act, 1984 (Size: 30 KB)
The Arunachal Pradesh Fire Service Force (Amendment) Act, 1993 (Size: 9 KB)
Compendium of Recommendations of the Standing Fire Advisory Committee / Council VOL. 1 (Size: 220 KB)
Compendium of Recommendations of the Standing Fire Advisory Committee / Council VOL. 2 (Size: 764 KB)
Understanding Heat Transfer, Conduction, Convection and Radiation (Size: 551 KB)
Checklist Hospital Buildings Safety by Govt. of Maharashtra (Size: 5.41 MB)
Energy & Work Definitions (Chemistry of Fire) (Size: 11.5 MB)
Delhi Fire Service Act 2009 (Size: 1.23 MB)
A Fire Occur In Your High Rise Building (Some Procedures to Follow) (Size: 813 KB)
Fire Safety In High Rise Building (Size: 813 KB)
Using a Fire Extinguisher (Size: 1.16 MB)
Fire Safety (Size: 1.88 MB)
Fire & Safety Management (Size: 1.50 MB)
Fire Safety Management Active Passive Systems with Evacuation Drill (Size: 7.54 MB)
Inspection, Maintenance, Testing, and Recharging Periods for Portable Fire Extinguishers (Size: 29 KB)
The Goa, Daman and Diu Fire Force Act, 1986 (Size: 175 KB)
Guidelines for School Safety (Size: 3.05 MB)
Guidelines For Skyscrapers (Size: 1.37 MB)
Guidelines for High Rise Buildings (Size: 68 KB)
Karnataka Fire Force Act, 1964 (Size: 283 KB)
Maharashatra Fire Prevention Life Safety Act, 2006 (Size: 1.42 MB)
Maharashtra Regional and Town Planning (MRTP) Act, 1966 (Size: 0.99 MB)
Orissa Fire Service Act, 1993 (Size: 54 KB)
Tamil Nadu Fire & Rescue Services - Fire Service Act, 1985 (Size: 135 KB)
The Disaster Management Act, 2005 (Size: 1.82 MB)
The West Bengal Fire Services Act, 1950 (Size: 71 KB)
Pune 100 mtrs. GR Town Planning (Size: 1.04 MB)
Supreme Court Orders for School Safety (Size: 190 KB)
Fire Cell Directory (Size: 190 KB)
Fire Fighter (Size: 368 KB)
Fire Phrases (Size: 1.16 MB)
School Fire Safety (Size: 21.4 MB)
NAFO Book (Size: 94 KB)
Agni Surksha Fun Book (Size: 9.08 MB)
Fire Safety Tips (Size: 1.76 MB)
Follow Fire Precautions – Prevent Fire (Size: 2.79 MB)
This could save the life of your loved ones (Size: 1.22 MB)
Fireworks Safety (Size: 3.16 MB)
Precautions for Fire Prevention (Size: 2.99 MB)
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